This is one of the best ads I have seen from TOI — very inspiring.

“Every Indian must watch this Ad”

I generally don’t like US ads, but this one is pretty good…

Na De Dil Pardesi Nu

Found on one of my friends facebook profile.
Lip-sync of a famous punjabi song.

India Aviation Show 2010

The second edition of the India Aviation Show will be held from March 3rd to March 7th in Hyderabad, India. The Indian navy’s aerobatic team practiced in Hyderabad on Tuesday, ahead of the start tomorrow. [ via WSJ via (Mahesh Kumar A./Associated Press) ]

Update: There was an unfortunate incident at the aviation show where one aircraft with two pilots crashed into a building.

People looked on after a plane, partially seen at left, crashed into a building in Hyderabad, India, on Wednesday. An Indian navy plane performing aerobatics at an air show crashed into the building, killing both the pilot and the co-pilot and injuring four people on the ground, police said. [ via WSJ via Mahesh Kumar/Associated Press ]

Happy Holi

Happy Holi everyone!

Covered in Colors
Men celebrated the Festival of Colors in Barsana, India, Tuesday. The tradition heralds the beginning of spring. [ via WSJ via K. K. Arora/Reuters ]

Cadbury Ad

This one is for kiddo…

It was a hazy morning in Gwalior, and South African spirits were not that high after the 1-run loss in the first ODI against India. However, little did Jaques Kallis, standing in as captain for South Africa know, how crucial winning the toss would be for his side. As MS Dhoni won the toss for India, and elected to bat, out came the Indian duo of Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin started out well, and had hit 15 runs off 10 when Sehwag who started out uncharacteristically slow, was caught in the fourth over cheaply for 9 off of 15 deliveries. Dinesh Karthik came out to bat, and Sachin kept going putting on runs and scored his half century with a four in the 12th over off of 37 deliveries. Karthik settled down, and scored his 50 (off 59 deliveries) in the 25th over as Sachin reached the 90s and India kept piling the runs easily at 6.25-6.5 runs an over. Sachin got to his 46th ODI and 93rd overall century on the last ball of the 28th over with a single, and then let loose hitting two boundaries in the next over off of Kallis. India kept scoring well off of the next few overs before Karthik got out to Parnell after hitting 79 runs and sharing a 194 run partnership for the second wicket along with Sachin. Out came Pathan, and India took their batting power play in the 35th over as Sachin showed no signs of stopping the on-slaught. Pathan joined the party and hit a couple of huge sixes on the leg side as Sachin hit a four to get to the 150 mark in the 38th over. However, the came from Pathan lasted till the 42nd over when he got out for 36 off 23 deliveries. Out came the Indian captain with Sachin on 168 and showing signs of cramping but not opting for a runner. Sachin hit another huge boundary and a six off the last two deliveries of the 42nd over racing to 179 with 8 overs to go. With signs of cramping, most of the strike was held by Dhoni as Tendulkar slowly made his way to 191 at the end of 45 overs. Now, for those of you who don’t know, the highest individual scores in ODIs were 194* by Coventry (for Zimbabwe against Bangladesh in 2009) and 194 by Saeed Anwar (for Pakistan against India in 1997). With Dhoni on strike in the 46th over, he took a single. Tendulkar hit two runs of the second ball of the over, and was on 193, when he flicked a ball behind short fine leg for another two runs to go past the two batsmen and reach the highest individual score of 195. Dhoni continued to get most of the strike over the last couple of overs and was hitting the bowlers all over the park reaching his 50 in 29 deliveries with a six over long-off. Last over, Sachin on 199 with Dhoni on strike; Dhoni hits a six off the first ball, but takes a single off the second to give Sachin strike and a chance to write himself into the books. Sachin hits the ball behind point and completes the first ever double century in ODI history (in 147 deliveries), hitting a record-setting 25 fours in the innings. Sachin takes off his helmet, waves to the crowd, the dressing room, and points his head to the sky thanking the almighty.

Sachin dedicated his double ton to the people of India, and said that he would like to play atleast one other 50-over knock in the rest of his career. In his post-match interview, when asked when he felt like he could get to the 200 mark, he said that once he got past the 175 run mark and noticed that there are still 8 overs to go, he thought that he might be able to get there. It has taken nearly 40 years for any batsmen to have achieved this feat, including the old 60-over format of the game. A lot came close, but no one could actually make it until the God himself shown at almost 37-years of age, in a battle against a good bowling side, the interruptions, and the cramps, an ode to his fitness, dedication, drive and passion for the game!

Surprising Stu…

I week after the trip to Pittsburgh, I was talking to Nirvi, and I ask her if I should go for the Mayur show a month after and surprise stuey. She was gonna be in the senior dance and ofcourse, I really wanted to see the dance. Also, Pittsburgh is always fun — makes me want to go back to college, but hanging out with all the current seniors (and anna) is always fun!
Left San Francisco on Friday afternoon and took a direct flight to Pittsburgh. Anna picked me up from the airport, and all along (the six or so hours I was on the flight), stuey believed that my phone was dead (in the middle of the day). We get to the apartment, and this is the reaction that she has:

Spent the rest of the night sitting and chilling with Anna, and then bonding with stuey, showing pics, sharing stories.
Finally she went to sleep around 11am (I think), and Anna tells me this when I wake up.
Around 11:30 stuey gets a call, picks up (obviously Anna only hears one end of the conversation), and says “Ya I’ll be there in an hour for the practice. I know who Chandini is!” On the other end of the line was Chandini Bansal, stuey’s non-CMU friend from Dilli. After about 10 seconds that took her to wake up from her slumber of sleep limbo, the realization dawns on her as to what just happened.

The Mayur show was awesome. Senior dance performance can be seen here:

Life goes on

Lots of stuff hapenning in the past couple months.
Made a roadtrip to Oregon to see Crater Lake. One of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life. On the way there, we stopped by Ashland where there is a Shakespeare festival year round and they perform his plays in an open theatre. We watched “Much Ado About Nothing”. It was really funny, and the performance was outstanding. The next day we spent at Crater and Diamond Lake. It was really cold, but nature just made you forget that and admire the gorgeous beauty of the place. We spent the afternoon at the diamond lake lodge. One of my friends had a canoe and we spent about an hour on the lake.

Two weeks after that I went to Pittsburgh to recruit for my group in Apple. Got there Wednesday night. Had dinner at India Garden with Stu and V and spent some time chilling in Fairfax with the two of them. 2am made my way back to the hotel and 5 hours later was back up to get ready for a long day of interviews. After 14 interviews from 8:30am to 5:45pm, made my way to the new Gates Building of Computer Science for an Information Session. 3 hours of info session later, completely pooped, went to dinner with colleagues at Soba lounge. Joined Stu, V and Hemu at Crazy goat after that and got a cup of cofee. Hung out again till 2am in Fairfax, and made my way back to the hotel. 5 hours of sleep, and back to interviewing — 8:30am to 4:30pm. Met up with Stu and Madhav and got early early dinner at Green Mango Noodle Hut, on South Braddock. Clearly remember when we were leaving it was pouring and as we came out I said lets run to the car, and just took off! Stu and Madhav didn’t realize for two minutes as to what happened! Got back to Stu’s place where Anna was back from Harisburg (yes without an ‘h’ at the end). Chilled at home, and we had people coming and going. Met the rest of the senior gang, and hung out there. Eventually decided to go and check myself out of the hotel in the middle of the night, and I believe on the way back V, Stu and me got Einstein bagels. Came back home, as Anna had slept, spent some more time chilling with V and Stu, and eventually with Stu looking at pics until she dozed off at some point. Next morning woke up and went to Udipi with Anna, and Stu was going to meet us there after having taken people to the SV Temple. When we were waiting, Anna and me planned a road trip to NYC (on the spot), and convinced Stu to go for it. Post-lunch, we came back, I packed, went to the airport to drop my rental and took off for NYC around 6pm. What ensued after that was some super awesome driving, almost running out of gas in some random small town, and reaching NYC around midnight. Shocked Sanya out of her wits:

Hunger struck, and we made our way to downtown to this new place called Amchi-pav, after which the plan was to go surprise Anna’s sister. Instead, a surprise was in store for us as she walked into that place and flipped out seeing Anna there! Made our way back to Sanya’s after some crappy food, tried to find parking, failed, and dropped off Sanya/Anna to her apartment as Stu and me looked for another 10-15 minutes. Eventually parked in a garage, and on the way to her apartment stopped river side, and enjoyed the Hudson at night. Passed out while talking, and then woke up, met Raj and made my way to the airport. The end of an Epic weekend!

Continuing from our first birthday movie trend (Ashima's Intervention on her 23rd), we decided to do another one for Nirav. This time the we had an actual script, with some inspiration from another video that we had seen on youtube (Indus News Karachi).
This is the end result: