Life goes on

Lots of stuff hapenning in the past couple months.
Made a roadtrip to Oregon to see Crater Lake. One of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life. On the way there, we stopped by Ashland where there is a Shakespeare festival year round and they perform his plays in an open theatre. We watched “Much Ado About Nothing”. It was really funny, and the performance was outstanding. The next day we spent at Crater and Diamond Lake. It was really cold, but nature just made you forget that and admire the gorgeous beauty of the place. We spent the afternoon at the diamond lake lodge. One of my friends had a canoe and we spent about an hour on the lake.

Two weeks after that I went to Pittsburgh to recruit for my group in Apple. Got there Wednesday night. Had dinner at India Garden with Stu and V and spent some time chilling in Fairfax with the two of them. 2am made my way back to the hotel and 5 hours later was back up to get ready for a long day of interviews. After 14 interviews from 8:30am to 5:45pm, made my way to the new Gates Building of Computer Science for an Information Session. 3 hours of info session later, completely pooped, went to dinner with colleagues at Soba lounge. Joined Stu, V and Hemu at Crazy goat after that and got a cup of cofee. Hung out again till 2am in Fairfax, and made my way back to the hotel. 5 hours of sleep, and back to interviewing — 8:30am to 4:30pm. Met up with Stu and Madhav and got early early dinner at Green Mango Noodle Hut, on South Braddock. Clearly remember when we were leaving it was pouring and as we came out I said lets run to the car, and just took off! Stu and Madhav didn’t realize for two minutes as to what happened! Got back to Stu’s place where Anna was back from Harisburg (yes without an ‘h’ at the end). Chilled at home, and we had people coming and going. Met the rest of the senior gang, and hung out there. Eventually decided to go and check myself out of the hotel in the middle of the night, and I believe on the way back V, Stu and me got Einstein bagels. Came back home, as Anna had slept, spent some more time chilling with V and Stu, and eventually with Stu looking at pics until she dozed off at some point. Next morning woke up and went to Udipi with Anna, and Stu was going to meet us there after having taken people to the SV Temple. When we were waiting, Anna and me planned a road trip to NYC (on the spot), and convinced Stu to go for it. Post-lunch, we came back, I packed, went to the airport to drop my rental and took off for NYC around 6pm. What ensued after that was some super awesome driving, almost running out of gas in some random small town, and reaching NYC around midnight. Shocked Sanya out of her wits:

Hunger struck, and we made our way to downtown to this new place called Amchi-pav, after which the plan was to go surprise Anna’s sister. Instead, a surprise was in store for us as she walked into that place and flipped out seeing Anna there! Made our way back to Sanya’s after some crappy food, tried to find parking, failed, and dropped off Sanya/Anna to her apartment as Stu and me looked for another 10-15 minutes. Eventually parked in a garage, and on the way to her apartment stopped river side, and enjoyed the Hudson at night. Passed out while talking, and then woke up, met Raj and made my way to the airport. The end of an Epic weekend!

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