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This is one of the best ads I have seen from TOI — very inspiring. “Every Indian must watch this Ad”

I generally don’t like US ads, but this one is pretty good…

Na De Dil Pardesi Nu

Found on one of my friends facebook profile. Lip-sync of a famous punjabi song.

Cadbury Ad

This one is for kiddo…

Continuing from our first birthday movie trend (Ashima's Intervention on her 23rd), we decided to do another one for Nirav. This time the we had an actual script, with some inspiration from another video that we had seen on youtube (Indus News Karachi). This is the end result:

This guy takes Hrithik’s dance to a whole new level… Can’t stop laughing since I saw it (two hours ago)!

Sony Ericsson has come out with an ad with Hrithik Roshan. I like the tune, its catchy (and my new ringtone 😛 ) Watch after the break…

Nike India does Cricket

Nike India has made their first advertisement involving cricket. Its very nicely made. Goes perfectly with the whole “Just Do It” tag line that they have.

India Poised

At the start of this new year (yes 2007), The Times of India started of a campaign called “India Poised“. The Times of India wanted to show how there are two faces to the current India. One is the India that is progressing really fast, emerging as the leader in various industries, the other India […]

Namaste London!

The last one was for Sanya… This one is for Ashima… All the way from punjab 😉