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Surprising Stu…

I week after the trip to Pittsburgh, I was talking to Nirvi, and I ask her if I should go for the Mayur show a month after and surprise stuey. She was gonna be in the senior dance and ofcourse, I really wanted to see the dance. Also, Pittsburgh is always fun — makes me […]

Life goes on

Lots of stuff hapenning in the past couple months. Made a roadtrip to Oregon to see Crater Lake. One of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life. On the way there, we stopped by Ashland where there is a Shakespeare festival year round and they perform his plays in an open theatre. […]

Continuing from our first birthday movie trend (Ashima's Intervention on her 23rd), we decided to do another one for Nirav. This time the we had an actual script, with some inspiration from another video that we had seen on youtube (Indus News Karachi). This is the end result:

I visited the 17-mile drive yesterday (near Monterey in California) and the natural beauty of the place was astounding! About an hour and a half drive from San Jose it is a place I would recommend visitors to the valley to see. Summer time brings with it cooler air from the ocean to the warmer […]

Old Hindi movies from the 90s are so much fun to watch! Watching Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit starter Dil. Brings back so many memories. The movie I’ve probably watched like 30+ times at my grandma’s place — it being the only movie they had on VHS.

Haven’t written a post for what like 2 years. A lot has happened since then. I graduated from college with a B.S. and a M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I started working at Apple (yes Apple!) in Feb 2008 and have enjoyed a year and half (or so) here. Initially I was a diagnostics […]

It would’ve been like just another Saturday night… Had dinner, went to lab, spend about 2 hours there. Left at about 2am. But then decided to play cricket behind Hamershlag hall. First it was just Jigar and me. Then at about 3am Anvesh, Kush and Sudeep joined. We were playing till 5:30am. It was freaking […]

Another winter vacation came and went… Another trip to Bombay came and went… And now I am back in Pittsburgh… But this break was very different… Saurabh visited Bombay for four days… had loads of fun with him… traveled from one end of the city to the other… must have driven about 600 kms in […]

Bad day to drive

Saurabh was in bombay for the last few days. Had a blast! Went around to a lot of places, ate way too much food, go-karted, bowled, and drove my car a lot in Bombay traffic! Didn’t get caught by the pandu at all. Then left Saurabh at his bhua’s place yesterday afternoon and was returning […]

Uploaded the pictures from the hershey trip to the gallery 🙂 Go to Hershey Trip You will have to register/login before you can see them The trip was a blast… loved the driving 😛 and loved the poker… when are we playing again anvesh? Update: No more gallery here