Continuing from our first birthday movie trend (Ashima's Intervention on her 23rd), we decided to do another one for Nirav. This time the we had an actual script, with some inspiration from another video that we had seen on youtube (Indus News Karachi). This is the end result:

First..happy birthday to my angel..may you have all your heart desires..enjoy life!! life goes on like always..working..doing time pass..being exhausted once in a while.. can`t wait to get back home! its going to be one looong month!

So its my bday on sunday what should i do??? hmmm…. im in a city where there is no public transportation… where can i go without a car??? any suggestions…i would definately like some wishes by the way… 😀 and maybe some :bien007: hehe 😉

Its 7.30 in the morning here and I am already all ready to leave for the office…the hours are killing me…barely able to get 6 hours of sleep… :mal028: but office is nice…and i get to do stuff that is interesting and top-of-the-line…On another note…I went to the AMD/Microsoft Tech Tour here…was such a bore…didn`t […]

hey saurabh… a very very happy birthday to you! Hope you had a nice time on new year’s with your frnds celebrating your bday… c ya soon…