Well boastmachine is not going anywhere.. So i thought about moving to wordpress..the work is still ongoing ofcourse.. but lets see how it turns out to be…

Not much going on… Boring Life… Nothing to do… Going to start working on a calendar MOD for bMachine with a person from boastology… Lets see how that goes? I need to get a CVS Server working somehow… Any ideas anyone?

Comment Notification MOD

All NEW Comment Notification MOD… What it does is that it instead of just emailing the author of the post… It emails…everyone who has posted a comment as well as the author of the post when a new comment is posted! Details after you click more!


I wrote a FULL mod for boastmachine… It improves upon the original event management system If you want to check it out… Download the file! Let me know what you guys think!

I finally upgraded my blog to the new BoastMachine…though its the 7th beta…im pretty sure its a good revision…and its just going to keep getting better! Thanx Kailash… :icon_cool: