Another winter vacation came and went… Another trip to Bombay came and went… And now I am back in Pittsburgh… But this break was very different… Saurabh visited Bombay for four days… had loads of fun with him… traveled from one end of the city to the other… must have driven about 600 kms in […]

Its been soo sooo long.. More than a month went by..Most of it was in Bombay (!YAY!).. Met almost everyone..and it seemed like it was after such a long time.. Nana/Nani/Masi/Arjun/Anouska all came down to bombay and were there for about 4-5 days.. Then had a little time with parents and friends and then came […]

In bombay

Had a very tiring and long journey, and am finally at home now.. The first two flights were ok (Pitt->Philly->Boston), but then after that it was all down hill.. so tired..and hungry too..the flight from Boston to Paris had no Veggie food! 🙁 And the terminal I was at in Paris was pathetic.. had nothing […]

Two more loooong weeks to go before i fly off to bombay again.. 😀 Just two more weeks.. But i do have my last few assignments/labs and three final exams to work for before that.. Just hoping that it won’t be very bad.. I can smell the pav-bhaji and pani-puri already.. and chocolate.. that i […]

My ticks for India are booked.. Leaving from Pittsburgh on Sunday May 14th reaching Bombay on May 15th night.. Leaving back from Bombay on June 15th night/June 16th early morning and will be in Boston on June 16th afternoon.. I’m so excited already! 🙂

slept about four hours last night.. so dazed right now..though good news is that i just had an epiphany and finished 30% of my ML homework in the matter of 3 eat my head..hehe.. thank you charu for waking me up..don`t know what i would do without you.. and thank you nirvi for giving […]

Its been a long, exciting and awesome month… I`m back from bombay but i think this was my most awesome trip since I think ive come to the US… I had so much fun in bombay this time…well and also in rajasthan over the yatra and ofcourse the two-day jaipur trip… It was the first […]

Two exams are over! No more econ theory !YAY! Three more to go… macroeconomics, intro to compE, and Intro to compt systems…. it should be fun! my flight ticks are confirmed. taking a 11 am flight from pittsburgh to jfk and then in jfk for about 6 hours and taking the 7.15 pm air-india flight […]

First we(Shweta di, Adhip and me) went to six flags yesterday…the amusement park in New Jersey….it was awesome fun…(Thanx a lot Shweta Didi)…Came back at around 7 from there and then the whole family was here…had so much fun…we played cards till about 5 in the morning…i did pretty well too…:D after that it was […]

Im going to Bombay!!!! Im going to Bombay!!!! Spring break get here fast… I want to go…. *Dance*