My time in Boston @ Endeca is coming to a close really fast.. It seems like I’ve been at Endeca forever.. It has been a great experience so far.. Lets see how this semester is going to be!

Its a nice day outside.. just got into NYC from boston.. here for a little over 24 hours.. for rakhi that we are celebrating tomorrow.. Bus ride here was good.. Read almost the whole way on the journey.. Finished half of “Turning Angel” by Greg Iles.. pretty good book so far.. So getting to the […]

Boston is nice… Endeca is a very good experience… Work is good…enjoying it… learning a quite a bit… from code to business strategies, etc… Keep going to NYC over the weekend… trying to help out make the IT structure better in Kushal babasa’s office…

Its been soo sooo long.. More than a month went by..Most of it was in Bombay (!YAY!).. Met almost everyone..and it seemed like it was after such a long time.. Nana/Nani/Masi/Arjun/Anouska all came down to bombay and were there for about 4-5 days.. Then had a little time with parents and friends and then came […]