Surprising Stu…

I week after the trip to Pittsburgh, I was talking to Nirvi, and I ask her if I should go for the Mayur show a month after and surprise stuey. She was gonna be in the senior dance and ofcourse, I really wanted to see the dance. Also, Pittsburgh is always fun — makes me […]

Another winter vacation came and went… Another trip to Bombay came and went… And now I am back in Pittsburgh… But this break was very different… Saurabh visited Bombay for four days… had loads of fun with him… traveled from one end of the city to the other… must have driven about 600 kms in […]

back at CMU.. and back to work.. loads of it too.. more than CMU there is other stuff I have been doing that has been taking most of the time. There is Koshish and there is Pink Katalyst, the two websites I manage. I’m thinking of getting a VW Rabbit, thus have to research that, […]

Done with internship.. It was an awesome experience.. Now its back to pitt and cmu.. and classes and homework.. and exams.. ooh wait but there is.. nirvi and sanya, new suite mates.. and maybe new car.. and new classes.. and cooking.. and lots of other good stuff too.. this semester should be good.. we shall […]

Today we celebrated holi @ CMU… We had a catered lunch and then had the colour fight after that… it was so much fun…had an awesome time… haven’t been able to get the colour from my face as yet though… have these patches of colour on my face and hands…and it looks so weird… check […]

Yesterday was the first day of carnival.. went and saw a few booths..and also the two comedians that were here.. Jasper Reed and Pablo Francisco.. I thought Jasper Reed was really funny..Pablo was ok.. check out the pictures on my gallery page..ofcourse you need to register to see them..

Today morning has been quite eventful… I get up in the morning and try to go to my 15213 (Compt Sc. Course) website and its broken. Then I try to go to a few other cs websites but they are all broken! When i get to my 15111 (the class i am a TA for) […]

i`m back in pittsburgh and all i have been doing since the last two days is coding for my 211 assignment… its about 1/2 done now…another half to do be4 thursday…and a homework…and lab write-up also for thursday… CMU is going to kill me someday…

Life was so busy last week till thursday that i had absolutely no time to post anything and then i was so tired that i rested and rested and rested for the rest of the weekend… 😀 now its back to being a normal week… but i still have one homework for tomorrow… another exam […]