Exams went well.. Now its time to pack up everything and get out of here.. Packing is such a pain.. Emptying the room is no small task.. and even when I’m living in the same room next year! Oh well.. I get to go home tomorrow! YAY !

Last day of classes for me is over! No more classes..no more homeworks.. Just three more exams and im done with the semester and off to bombay!

Two exams are over! No more econ theory !YAY! Three more to go… macroeconomics, intro to compE, and Intro to compt systems…. it should be fun! my flight ticks are confirmed. taking a 11 am flight from pittsburgh to jfk and then in jfk for about 6 hours and taking the 7.15 pm air-india flight […]

studied a bit

and so begins exam week… this is my schedule for the week: Monday 5.30pm to 8.30pm: Economic Theory Tuesday 8:30am to 11:30am: Analysis and Design of Digital Circuits Tuesday 1pm to 4pm: Proctoring for Computer Sc. Dept. Tuesday 5:30pm to 8:30pm: Proctoring for Compt Sc. Again! Wednesday: BREAK! Thursday 9:30am to 12:30pm: Macroeconomics Thursday 5:30pm […]

Finally all done with work for the semester! NO more homework for this semester! it all just boils down to the exams now… And that proxy thing that I thought I had finished…turns out that I hadn’t so sat down yesterday and completed that as well…will start studying for my econ exam on monday tonight… […]

The project is finally complete… and it is such an achievement… The project I am talking about is the 8-bit ALU that we were designing for one of my classes… The ALU is addition/subtraction/comparison/left shift/right shift/logical AND/ logical OR capable… When we started doing this we were going to shoot for size and power efficiency… […]

My exams are all over!!! YAY !!! I’m done storing my stuff too…and now its another day of pittsburgh and then im off the NYC! Hopefully I get to go home soon 😉

This is the final final exam that I’m going to have for this semester…not a 100% confident about it…but it should be ok…see ya’ll after the exam!

One exams over!!! Only three more… 😀