Happy Holi

Happy Holi everyone! Men celebrated the Festival of Colors in Barsana, India, Tuesday. The tradition heralds the beginning of spring. [ via WSJ via K. K. Arora/Reuters ]

Today we celebrated holi @ CMU… We had a catered lunch and then had the colour fight after that… it was so much fun…had an awesome time… haven’t been able to get the colour from my face as yet though… have these patches of colour on my face and hands…and it looks so weird… check […]

This weekend is spring carnival!!! YAY!!! Its finally warm again in Pittsburgh… I can finally walk out of my room in a t-shirt…without a sweat-shirt, or a jacket!!! No classes this Thursday and Friday! And I’m so excited about Holi… Also there is the Comedian coming…and there are the booths and the carnival rides and […]

Happy Holi

A very very happy holi to everyone!! Holi hai Unfortunately we don’t celebrate holi until much later..in april.. But well..its too cold to play holi right now anywaz.. Not much going on.. been doing a little work here and there.. and relaxin a bit.. from last week that is.. spring break is going well.. can`t […]

This years holi rocked!!! <br /> Everything went almost perfectly…smmooooothly… <br /> Hope this continues for the next two years too… <br /> <br /> Check out the pics…its at the <a href="http://gallery.astav.info/">Gallery</a>…