its been a loooong time since i posted… lots happening.. i got a replacement for my MacBook Pro (coz my old one had that weird noise problem).. turns out this one also has some noise..a different one at times..but it goes away in 5-10 mins whenever it comes.. so im still hanging on to this […]

its already saturday.. and i`ve done loads of work.. and i have loads of work to do!! life is getting BUSY!! other than that..i spoke to apple and they have agreed to do a replacement for my MacBook.. i will ship it on monday..should have a replacement soon..

One day of spring break is over..second is about three-quarters its way by as well.. went to the apple store today macbook was making this hissing noice.. thought it might be a good idea to get it checked out just in case.. also the macbook pro 1.83 GHz that comes with only 512MB of […]

The week is finally over! All work done.. Spring Break is here.. No classes for 10 days..but i still have work to do.. want to start work on stuff for the coming weeks so i don`t get as stressed as i did this past week.. also have to start working on my incident response project.. […]