slept about four hours last night.. so dazed right now..though good news is that i just had an epiphany and finished 30% of my ML homework in the matter of 3 eat my head..hehe.. thank you charu for waking me up..don`t know what i would do without you.. and thank you nirvi for giving […]

Classes have started and life gets busy… Not got a full load of work yet…but its been good… Introduction to Architecture is getting more complicated with the third lecture itself and also getting more and more interesting… Intl Money and Finance is still review with a little extra new stuff… Principles of programming or 212 […]

Its been a long, exciting and awesome month… I`m back from bombay but i think this was my most awesome trip since I think ive come to the US… I had so much fun in bombay this time…well and also in rajasthan over the yatra and ofcourse the two-day jaipur trip… It was the first […]

Hi Meets, So I have set up your blog for you… If you want any changes on it…let me know Let me know if you want a different theme or any other changes… 😀 Astav