Surprising Stu…

I week after the trip to Pittsburgh, I was talking to Nirvi, and I ask her if I should go for the Mayur show a month after and surprise stuey. She was gonna be in the senior dance and ofcourse, I really wanted to see the dance. Also, Pittsburgh is always fun — makes me […]

Done with internship.. It was an awesome experience.. Now its back to pitt and cmu.. and classes and homework.. and exams.. ooh wait but there is.. nirvi and sanya, new suite mates.. and maybe new car.. and new classes.. and cooking.. and lots of other good stuff too.. this semester should be good.. we shall […]

Classes have started and life gets busy… Not got a full load of work yet…but its been good… Introduction to Architecture is getting more complicated with the third lecture itself and also getting more and more interesting… Intl Money and Finance is still review with a little extra new stuff… Principles of programming or 212 […]

life is going as usual… slowly… a little messed up… mostly moving into Resnik with Raj and Saurabh for the next year… lets see how that works out… other than that… am going to be teaching my 15-100 class on friday… without prof. slater… lets see how that goes… and i have not spoken to […]

It was so sudden and so nice when i got your letter… it made me feel so nice… thou i have not had time to actually sit and reply to your letter I promise you that I will write one over the weekend and you will have it hopefully in a weeks time (if the […]