Surprising Stu…

I week after the trip to Pittsburgh, I was talking to Nirvi, and I ask her if I should go for the Mayur show a month after and surprise stuey. She was gonna be in the senior dance and ofcourse, I really wanted to see the dance. Also, Pittsburgh is always fun — makes me […]

Life goes on

Lots of stuff hapenning in the past couple months. Made a roadtrip to Oregon to see Crater Lake. One of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life. On the way there, we stopped by Ashland where there is a Shakespeare festival year round and they perform his plays in an open theatre. […]

Done with internship.. It was an awesome experience.. Now its back to pitt and cmu.. and classes and homework.. and exams.. ooh wait but there is.. nirvi and sanya, new suite mates.. and maybe new car.. and new classes.. and cooking.. and lots of other good stuff too.. this semester should be good.. we shall […]

My time in Boston @ Endeca is coming to a close really fast.. It seems like I’ve been at Endeca forever.. It has been a great experience so far.. Lets see how this semester is going to be!

My ticks for India are booked.. Leaving from Pittsburgh on Sunday May 14th reaching Bombay on May 15th night.. Leaving back from Bombay on June 15th night/June 16th early morning and will be in Boston on June 16th afternoon.. I’m so excited already! 🙂

This weekend is spring carnival!!! YAY!!! Its finally warm again in Pittsburgh… I can finally walk out of my room in a t-shirt…without a sweat-shirt, or a jacket!!! No classes this Thursday and Friday! And I’m so excited about Holi… Also there is the Comedian coming…and there are the booths and the carnival rides and […]

Its been a long, exciting and awesome month… I`m back from bombay but i think this was my most awesome trip since I think ive come to the US… I had so much fun in bombay this time…well and also in rajasthan over the yatra and ofcourse the two-day jaipur trip… It was the first […]

Reached pittsburgh again… my luggage got misplaced in my flight en-route to pittsburgh in washington-dulles! and no khabar of it yet! started with 240 homework due for thursday… think im going to start with macro homework for friday now… still have to finish malloc btw! This week is going to be busy! But the good […]

Its been probably the longest time since I have blogged! Stupid host that I switched to decided to disappear from the face of the earth. It sucks being me… Its been a nice semester so far… made a lot of new friends and also been nice as far as studies are concerned… Right now in […]

I have finally decided where I am going to be during the summer… No India 🙁 I am going to Atlanta…to work at a company called Ivivity… They make chips for storage devices… what i am going to be doing there is [quote]Your responsibilities will include: implementing and testing software modules for iVivity’s storage management […]