Bad day to drive

Saurabh was in bombay for the last few days. Had a blast! Went around to a lot of places, ate way too much food, go-karted, bowled, and drove my car a lot in Bombay traffic! Didn’t get caught by the pandu at all. Then left Saurabh at his bhua’s place yesterday afternoon and was returning […]

Classes have started and life gets busy… Not got a full load of work yet…but its been good… Introduction to Architecture is getting more complicated with the third lecture itself and also getting more and more interesting… Intl Money and Finance is still review with a little extra new stuff… Principles of programming or 212 […]

Well…I was sitting at work today…and one of my colleagues told me that why don’t I write a Mac OS X widget…<br />that did something similar to <br /><a href=""></a> <br />which shows the comics of that day…<br />so I said why not…and its coming along pretty nice…<br />will keep you posted Saurabh ;)<br />

life is going as usual… slowly… a little messed up… mostly moving into Resnik with Raj and Saurabh for the next year… lets see how that works out… other than that… am going to be teaching my 15-100 class on friday… without prof. slater… lets see how that goes… and i have not spoken to […]

hey saurabh… a very very happy birthday to you! Hope you had a nice time on new year’s with your frnds celebrating your bday… c ya soon…

i was sitting in my room last nite studying for another exam(that i have in half an hour)and then saurabh(my room-mate) comes in and says “Dude, you have to watch this movie i saw” i ask him which one and he tells me “SAW” and im like i have an exam tomorrow have to study…blah […]