Uploaded the pictures from the hershey trip to the gallery 🙂 Go to Hershey Trip You will have to register/login before you can see them The trip was a blast… loved the driving 😛 and loved the poker… when are we playing again anvesh? Update: No more gallery here

Its been probably the longest time since I have blogged! Stupid host that I switched to decided to disappear from the face of the earth. It sucks being me… Its been a nice semester so far… made a lot of new friends and also been nice as far as studies are concerned… Right now in […]

thanksgiving break is over now…its time to get down…and start studying for the killing 19 days ahead of me…nine exams to go until…this semester ends…its going to kill me :eusa_wall:

so its finally time for a break…not that i dont not study otherwise…but now i have an excuse for it 😛 so its going to be five days of fun and some shopping for family…and ofcourse need to study a little too thou…for exams that are coming up…btw happy thanksgiving everyone…enjoy!!!!