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I visited the 17-mile drive yesterday (near Monterey in California) and the natural beauty of the place was astounding! About an hour and a half drive from San Jose it is a place I would recommend visitors to the valley to see.

Summer time brings with it cooler air from the ocean to the warmer land which turns into fog when it reaches the shore. This helps keep the plants cool during the hot summer and provides much needed moisture in the air.

The 7-mile drive is made up of 21 markers to points of interests along the route. The cost for visitors is $9.25. The different markers include golf courses, different wildlife and beaches.

Here are some of the pics I took:

Old Hindi movies from the 90s are so much fun to watch! Watching Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit starter Dil. Brings back so many memories. The movie I’ve probably watched like 30+ times at my grandma’s place — it being the only movie they had on VHS.

Haven’t written a post for what like 2 years. A lot has happened since then.

I graduated from college with a B.S. and a M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering.
I started working at Apple (yes Apple!) in Feb 2008 and have enjoyed a year and half (or so) here. Initially I was a diagnostics engineer working on the Embedded projects that Apple makes and have since been promoted to Tech Lead of the diagnostics team. Our first few projects were the 2nd generation iPod Touch, 4th generation iPod Nano and the latest has been the iPhone 3GS.

This guy takes Hrithik’s dance to a whole new level…

Can’t stop laughing since I saw it (two hours ago)!

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Sony Ericsson has come out with an ad with Hrithik Roshan.
I like the tune, its catchy (and my new ringtone 😛 )

Watch after the break…

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It would’ve been like just another Saturday night…
Had dinner, went to lab, spend about 2 hours there.
Left at about 2am. But then decided to play cricket behind Hamershlag hall.
First it was just Jigar and me. Then at about 3am Anvesh, Kush and Sudeep joined.
We were playing till 5:30am. It was freaking awesome!
Played two games (4 overs each). Kush and me in one team, Avnesh and Jigar in another with Sudeep as batting jack.
First game bowled first. Set target of 18, make it comfortably (Kush and Sudeep bat).
Second game bat first (Kush and me bat). Set target of 40 to win for Anvesh/Jigar.
First over 3rd or 4th ball I was bowling, Anvesh hits straight into the hands of Jigar (the batsman not batting was fielding for the other team). One down with 2 runs or so on the board. Next over Kush plucks a stunner hit right back at him by Jigar. We let Manne bat again. 3rd over I bowl, he swings at every ball, doesn’t connect one also properly! Awesome stuff. We beat them by 30 or so runs.
Start playing box-cricket. First match, get out at 0, I think Kush wins. Second match make 20, I win, Anvesh comes close. Third match make 36, win again, Kush comes close this time.
So much fun! Now to get some sleep and start working on 766 in the morning.

Nike India does Cricket

Nike India has made their first advertisement involving cricket. Its very nicely made. Goes perfectly with the whole “Just Do It” tag line that they have.

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India Poised

At the start of this new year (yes 2007), The Times of India started of a campaign called “India Poised“.
The Times of India wanted to show how there are two faces to the current India. One is the India that is progressing really fast, emerging as the leader in various industries, the other India is however still where it was at the time of independence. They are calling out to us to help bring the second India to where the first is. Below is one of the video campaigns that was released for this.

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Namaste London!

The last one was for Sanya…
This one is for Ashima…
All the way from punjab 😉

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Mac Beautiful

This one is for you sanya 😉
Ok, I love my mac, but doing this is taking it a little far.

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